Planning Like a Pro: Handling Surprises During Containment Installation

March 29th at 1pm EST

5_14.jpgEven the most well-planned containment installation project can have unexpected challenges arise!

What would you do if a slight grade on the floor of you data center made your installation plan for new cabinets impossible? How would you manage electricians and HVAC contractors squabbling unexpectedly over floorspace? Have you had facility drawings be flat out wrong?

The engineers at Legrand have seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to containment installation challenges, and we' eager to share those experiences with you so you're better prepared for your next data storage facility expansion or upgrade. 

saman head shot.jpg

Saman Berookhim will host this webinar - as one of our most experienced Sales Engineers, he's been heavily involved in cabinet and aisle containment projects of all sizes, first with AFCO Systems and now as part of Legrand corporation. He's excited to share some examples of real-life projects, the surprises that arose during installation, and how we overcame some common challenges. 

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