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You don't need to sacrifice mounting space for airflow


Cross Breeze Rail System

Improve efficiency, preserve usable space, and keep your switches cool

Cross Breeze Rail System, Legrand’s T Series networking cabinet air flow system, mounts into the rails in the "Zero-U" space outside the footprint of networking switches. This allows for optimization of airflow and cooling efficiency in a networking cabinet, even when placed in a hot or cold aisle containment environment. 

Click here to see specifications and features of the Cross Breeze Rail System

Legrand's patented Cross Breeze Rail System is loaded with useful features and functionality to make your networking cabinets work better:

  • Provides “side to side” airflow in a traditional front to back airflow cabinet
  • Easy management of network and power cables inside the cabinet
  • Consolidate Network cabinets via maximum utilization of space
  • Space optimization - fit up to 3 network switches per cabinet
  • 0 RU Mounting - does not take up any valuable RU mounting units
  • Modular system - easy to reconfigure as needs change
  • Uses nap in accessories so no tools required
  • Moveable Air Baffles regulate airflow for side breathing equipment