Planning Like a Pro: Containment Installation Projects

Watch our Webinar Series

Legrand engineers have seen the good, the bad, and everything in between when it comes to planning and installing containment solutions, and are eager to share their knowledge with you. Watch our two-part “Planning Like a Pro” webinar series to learn from our experience and be better prepared for your next data center facility expansion or upgrade.

“5 Common Mistakes of Containment Installation Planning”

Evaluating, specifying and installing the right containment solution is more construction project than IT project and although managing it right will ensure enhanced performance and reliability for your equipment, making that happen requires a lot more forethought than evaluating and purchasing the right cabinet product. Watch this short webinar from VP of Sales & Marketing at Legrand John Console and learn more about the 5 most common mistakes the professionals at Legrand have faced over the years and how to avoid them.

“Handling Surprises During Containment Installation”

What would you do if a slight grade on the floor of you data center made your installation plan for new cabinets impossible? How would you manage electricians and HVAC contractors squabbling unexpectedly over floorspace? Have you had facility drawings be flat out wrong? Watch this webinar for examples of surprises that arose during real-life Legrand installation projects and how our experienced Sales Engineers were able to manage them.